Additional Programs

Our goal at SEMO Health Network is to provide care for ALL patients in medically underserved and rural communities, with or without insurance. Special programs have been put in place to ensure ALL are welcome and well taken care of. Programs such as 340 B and Translation services are offered to give you a variety of payment plan options. Ask us for details on these programs when you call for an appointment!

doctor reviews results with patient (additional programs)

SEMO Health Network is happy to offer a 340B Drug Discount Program to eligible patients. This program provides outpatient drugs covered entities at significantly reduced prices.

Here at SEMO Health Network we are proud to partner with schools and businesses in our communities to offer dental and medical health screenings. For more information about scheduling a screening for your school or business, call 573-313-2500.

SEMO Health Network offers translation services to make your visit as easy and quick as possible. With the ability to communicate better with our patients, we can serve you more accurately.

We are happy to help any patients enroll into the MO HealthNet Medicaid program. Let us assist you in the process or just help you find out if you are eligible for enrollment!