We’re here for you

If you have any questions for us, please call your designated location. SEMO Health Network accepts calls at the following numbers 24-hours a day, even when our clinics aren’t open.  Our team will return messages quickly to assure you receive the answers you need.

If you are requesting medical records, please fax to 573-472-2732 with ATTENTION: Medical Records

Benton Medical

Phone: 573-545-4200

Bernie Medical

Phone: 573-293-6836

Bernie Dental

Phone: 573-293-6930

Caruthersville Medical

Phone: 573-359-9803

Caruthersville Dental

Phone: 573-922-5007

East Prairie Dental

Phone: 573-649-9311

Kennett Medical

Phone: 573-717-1332

Kennett Dental

Phone: 573-717-1715

New Madrid Medical

Phone: 573-748-2592

Sikeston Medical

Phone: 573-472-1770

Sikeston Dental

Phone: 573-471-4167

Corporate Office

Phone: 573-313-2500